Handy Caddy Turquoise Tote. Close out sale! use code 25offTote

16.00 Ounces


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What makes the Handy Caddy Totes better?


22" x 14" x 6" roomy space with a gusseted bottom, easily holds 20 - 25 lbs. 


The gusseted bottom is the landing spot for the fully loaded Handy Caddy or Handy Caddy Deluxe. 


They are made of high quality puncture and crack proof vinyl, and not a cheap giveaway bag


Wide shoulder straps don't cut into your shoulders like other bags do. 


Have peace of mind that nothing as fallen out with the heavy duty zippered closure. 


Protect your custom made cotton totes from dirt and dust by using the clear vinyl bag and still show off your tote. 


They are great for airport traveling, fits under your seat. 


This tote is made to last, and you don't need to feel guilty about throwing something into the landfill. 


QUILTERS & SEWERS USE IT TO STORE sewing machine tools, cutting tools, rotary cutters, thread, needles, thimbles, rulers, markers, pencils, chalk, fabric, cotton, paper, scissors, wood iron, tweezers, brushes, measuring devices, buttons, quilt blocks, sewing machine feet, seam rippers, pins, needles, patchwork blocks and more.

DETACHABLE/ADJUSTABLE CARRYING STRAP FOR ARM OR SHOULDER for moving it from sewing machine to cutting table, or bringing to the TV room, RETREAT OR CLASSES is one more way to help move lots of nifty gadgets from one place to the next, while having piece of mind that you haven't lost things on route.


Perfectly Fits your Deluxe & Classic Extra Caddies i