Magnetic USB Charging Cable micro-usb for Android Black

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The cable attaches android or iphone devices. The cable attaches to both. the plug remains in the device. No more fumbling! 
pink cable featured n/a. Comes in Black, Gold and Silver

BEST! Magnetic USB cable for Android 


Isn't it pain whenever you needed to charge your phone, but you couldn't see in the dark, or in the car and you need your eyes on the road?

This is the best charging tool. You just have to bring the magnetic cable close to the phone and it will magnetically click together by itself!

The other great feature is the durability of the charger, because you aren't constantly removing and attaching the plug in. The magnetic feature 

can remain on the phone, and the cable can stay in the power source. Better yet, buy one for the car, one for the office and one at home. 

Leave the cables in the wall and the magnetic plug will stay on the phone. Connecting the cable to the magnet is so easy! 

Cable is compatible with iPhone Magnetic Charger. But, must purchase the iPhone Charger for the lightning plug.