RBG Ruth Bader Ginsberg Handy Pop comes with Car Mount

3.00 Ounces

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice, 85 years old. Super Hero and an inspiration to women. 

After watching RBG the documentary, I had to do what I can to inspire other women to know and speak proudly of a woman who has supported equal rights for not just women, but for all people. She's been Supreme Court Justice since 1993. Her story is powerful. I am so pleased that she's still passionate about using her position as Justice to influence equality for all, not just women. 

I never was big on politics, because I never wanted to be in the middle of controversy. I didn't want to make waves. I didn't want to ruffle anybody's feathers. But, I feel that perhaps I made a mistake to stay quiet about my opinions. In my past, I've kept quiet about injustices to race, gender, age. To me, has never made sense to create division between groups of people, but this is the life I am living in. As I look at main stream media, diversity, drama, sensation is what we're fed. Like the movie Wizard of Oz, there's someone behind the curtain that has a point of view - telling their story. 

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