3D Mask Medium Standard Size Nose wire and filter pocket optional.

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Product Overview

A new and comfortable Hand Made Mask that I am enjoying to make.

This 3D mask is very comfortable. I also have tutorials on my DIY page if you want to sew them yourself. 

There are 2 layers to this design

I can custom design this in toddler to XL 

This particular option is for the Standard Mask - 

You can write me notes at checkout with what you would like to have as far as color and design in material is concerned. 

You can select different style options. 

Neutral, Solid, Basic, Masculine is one type - give me a favorite color, pastels, jewel tones, or dark. 

Bold/Vibrant is another type. Florals, geometric, cats, dogs, etc. 

Since I have so many fabrics to choose from, I want to make it easy, if you want to order quick. 

Or, if you want something more specific, I can help you with that, as long as I am still running my business as a boutique. There are add ons that you can request.

You can check the box for the add on of the sewn in Nose Bridge ( $4.5)  that is best  to be sewn in before completion. 

There is another addition of the filter pocket, an additional $4.50 - however, I find it pretty comfortable as a 2 layer. If you add another layer, it gets harder to breathe through. You decide. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review