Handy Caddy Bag Sealing Wands Set of 24 plus bonus

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Product Overview

  • No more stale or soggy limp chips or cookies. These bag sealing wands keep foods fresh and buggy free for weeks.
  • These wands slip across the entire food storage bag to keep air and moisture out.  
  • Great for frozen veggies. Just cut the corner, shake out what you need and use the smaller wand to seal in the corner. 
  • EASY TO USE :  Fold the bag, slide the yellow tongue under the fold and shimmy the wand across the bag.
  • 6 sizes to seal everything from kids snacks to Costco size chips and popcorn. Even great for dog food!
  •  Freezer safe and dishwasher safe.   
  • ECONOMICAL: Unlike bulky food storage containers, reusable SEALING WANDS STORE BETTER THAN CLIPS IN THE DRAWER.  are skinny like straws,  compact, reusable, don't wear out and save you money with near zero waste.  
  • FUN & FRIENDLY : Husbands and kids can learn to use them too! 

12 pieces (see image)

2 of each size for a variety of uses

Custom selections are optional. Please text 650-483-2866


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review