Medium size Nurse's Choice 3 layers - REUSABLE WASHABLE COTTON MASKS WITH FILTER POCKET new prints in limited stock Hand made with Love in the USA

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the cotton liner is made of a very tight weave. Not designed to be virus protective, but meant to keep water droplets from spraying on to others. ( According to article below, quilter's cotton as ours is, is 10% more effective than a surgical mask!)  

Masks must be changed when they become wet with saliva or other bodily fluids, as they lose their protective properties.

Be mindful not to contaminate yourself when removing the mask. Hand washing or Laundering them with Soapy water is recommended. 



More on the masks: 

You can choose the type of filter you would like to add. A custom designed filter is available after April 15, 2020 

These will be made of the 3 layers of surgical mask materials. 

 ( Surgical masks - made of polypropolene, are not tested against specific microorganisms and do not prevent specific diseases. 


Never reusewash or disinfect surgical masks. Never share surgical masks with others.) 


There many options for homemade HEPA filter sheets. Vacuum bags, coffee filters and Airconditioning filters are a few suugestions. I am not an expert and am not an authority on which

is the most effective. Do you research.  Beware, I just learned that some HEPA filters contain fiberglass in them, and that would be dangerous to use.


You can add a wire for a nose bridge, that you can easily slide up to the top of the filter pocket. I don't have wire available, and I am avoiding extra shopping since I am over 60. Amazon seems to be 

I tried a few other masks patterns out there and this one seemed like the most practical mask for daily use.


This pattern is from a nurse on youtube who tested it out at the hospital and the reviews were positive on how comfortable it is.

If you want to make your own, you can find her on

You can add a wire, pipe cleaner, wire tie on the nose bridge area to mold the top to the nose. I have a few pipe cleaners, and I can include them, as long as I have them. I have about 10.

The entire mask is made of 100% Quilter's cotton (see comments below), and all materials are new, coming from a smoke free home.


from article:

The study used instruments that detected a fabric’s effectiveness at filtering small particles. Quilters’ cotton, a tightly woven high-thread-count fabric, can filter out some 70% to 79% of small particles including viruses, according to Segal’s research, which has not been submitted for publication and has not been peer-reviewed. That’s better than surgical masks, which Segal said filter out 65% of particles. (N95 masks offer the highest level of protection — filtering out 95% of air particles.)