11:11 November 11, 2016

11:11 November 11, 2016

Posted by CC on Feb 15th 2014

Today, being 11/11, is the appropriate time to commit to blogging on my Handy Caddy website! 11:11 signifies new beginnings and Handy Caddy is the perfect organizer to start your sewing hobby with a foundation to get organized efficiently. Develop good habits from the beginning and you won't have to break bad habits of being scattered and disorganized, wasting precious sewing and creative time. New Year's is just around the corner. Get yourself the Handy Caddy to get organized. It makes the perfect gift for your quilt loving friends! Any crafter would love the Handy Caddy to keep their crafting tools separated by purpose in a see through container!

Hello, My name is Sharon Lee, and I have been a quilter since 1999. I still remember how distracting it was to have all these new tools strewn all over my table, getting in and around the blocks of fabric and naturally, my mind goes to how I can make things more orderly. Hence, the seeds of design for Handy Caddy begun.

It's 2016, with 2017 just around the corner and I have sold over 50,000 Handy Caddies to date.

My customers stop to tell me how the Handy Caddy was the best purchase they made for their crafting purposes and just Love the Handy Caddy. The fact that you can see through it makes it the best for organizing. It's collapsible, when necessary, and it' portable to bring to classes and retreats, or just to move it from the sewing machine table to the cutting table.

I hope you'll stop and take a look in my store and find the right Handy Caddy that suits your needs!

Happy Holidays! Sharon from Handy Caddy

btw, I hope you liked my make shift costume from my bright orange toile and some ribbon that I threw together on Halloween at the International Quilt Market in Houston. I was the Truth Faerie!

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