Technology  Favorites

Technology Favorites

Technology has become important to the quilter and sewer. The next generation has become passionate about being creative and they are making their place in the world of women who came together for generations to support each other through the tough times and good times. 

These technology favorites had to be included in the world of Handy Caddy. You'll see for yourself! 



These have to be one of the most convenient things EVER. They are just magic! I was COMPLETELY bummed out when I had to get a new phone that didn't have wireless charging. Dare I say that this setup is even better? I just throw my phone on the desk and the cord practically reaches out and connects itself! Charges my Moto G5+ at FULL POWER, same with my big tablet. I loved it so much, I bought them for gifts for several people and they all loved them too.

* Super high quality construction
* Works with any USB charger of your choice, or computer
* Supports full 2A charging (verified with phone works with Turbo Charge)
* Woven outer casing resists kinking and pinching
* Anti-tangle design keeps cord separated
* DOUBLE SIDED so it doesn't matter which side is up for charging
* LED light so you can see the connector in the dark
* LED light so you know the cord is powered
* MAGNETIC connection so operation is super-fast and convenient
* Disconnects if tripped on or yanked to prevent connector/port damage
* Ultra small micro-usb connector dongle sits nearly flush and works with cases
* Micro usb dongle protects charging port from lint and dust
* Dongles can be purchased separately
* Magnetic connector will cling to a metal surface for convenient storage/access
* Supports data transfer (although not double sided for that)

* Proprietary connections
* Must use a dongle in device.

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