Hi! I'm Sharon Lee

I'm slow, but I am hoping slow and steady wins the race. I've been selling Handy Caddy since 2000. I can't believe it's been 18 years already. I started this business with a dream. I wanted to find a career that I loved, would give me flexibility, and allow me to make money in my sleep. I was overwhelmed with family and responsibilities and not enough time to fulfill them all. I was trying to put order in my life. I discovered quilting and the satisfaction of sewing straight little squares was so satisfying! I wanted to make extra money with my passion and that's how Handy Caddy was born. 

Why Handy Caddy?

Save Time, Space and Money 

Handy Caddy is perfect for organizing and storing your stuff, especially crafting supplies. It's made of ecologically friendly, clear vinyl. You can find what you need faster and easier, which will make your crafting experience more relaxing and enjoyable. It comes in two different sizes, and either size fits easily into our clear tote bags, so you can keep the dust out and still see what's in the bag, and seeing what's in the bag can save you time.

When you buy your Handy Caddy from this website, you're buying direct from the designer, Sharon. As a quilter, she had a lot of quilting supplies and no easy way of keeping them organized. She developed Handy Caddy in answer to her own problem. Now she always knows exactly where each item is, and she has more time to relax and enjoy quilting. Get your Handy Caddy today!