Magnetic USB cable for Android & iPhone 8 Plus 7 6 5 - Lightning Charger

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Product Overview


Magnetic USB cable - Lightnening Charger for iPhone 8 Plus 7 6 5


  • Excellent Compatibility: Compatible with phones and tablets with Micro-USB and i-Product interface. More Functional & Convenient than Regular Cable: Easy snap-on with single hand and no eye-sight assistant necessary. Excellent alternatives for DRIVERS, CHILDREN, SENIORS and VISION IMPAIRED persons when charging and/or data sync.  
  • PROTECT  your $1000 Investment just by keeping the plug in smart phone. A MUST-HAVE for protecting devices sockets from DIRT. 
  • Ideal to replace your existing charging cable especially in non-easy access situation The plug maintains conditions for optimal charging.
  • Fast Charging: For i-product tips, both sides of the cable supports Max 2.1A fast charging & data sync. 


How to care for your cables


  • 1) Please store the cable carefully when not in use to prevent magnet from attracting small metal fragments. 
  • 2) Please tilt the cable to remove it instead of pulling it straight out. Otherwise the tip may be removed. 
  • 3) The little tip is made of magnet material. The gold plating on the tip conducts the electricity for best charging capacity. It’s preferable not to remove it from casing frequently. 


$12 or 3/$26 


What You Get: 3 cables, 3 tips optional i-product Micro-USB tips.


You just have to bring the magnetic cable close to the phone (1-2 inches) and it will magically and magnetically click together by itself!

Perfect for

- Car: One-handed charger connection; keep your eyes on the road while connecting your phone

- Bedside Table: Glow-in-the-dark light on cable to locate phone/connector at night

Never risk damaging your phone with an improperly inserted connector

High quality durable braided cable

Impact-resistant charger connectors

The magnetic connector remains on the phone, and the cable can stay in the power source.

Leave the cables in the wall and the magnetic plug will stay on the phone.

* Cords are interchangeable once you've attached the magnetic device into the charging dock on the phone.

The beauty of this feature means that you can share your charging cords with either iphone or android users in the house.

This is a revolutionary way of accessing charging in the home, office, bedroom, TV room, kitchen, bathroom, or where ever you like to charge your phones.


For maximum convenience, buy one for the car, one for the office and one at home.

Connecting the cable to the magnet is so easy!
The cable is ~1 meter or 42" long

Unconditional money-back guaranty for 1 year after order.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review