Have you noticed that things seem faster in 2018?

Posted by Sharon Lee on Jan 8th 2018

As I get older, it seems I have more on my plate with less time to accomplish it all. It makes me really interested in prioritizing what's really important to me. The term ROI comes up a lot for me. I want the best ROI for anything I do. My priorities were connecting with my family around the holidays. Other things that are normally important, take a back seat. Now, that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's is over, it's time to re-assess what I want to get done. I find myself finding ways to do 2 things at the same time. Like, listen to an educational book during my commute. My boyfriend is recommending me to listen to A spy's guide to thinking. He was listening to it on Kindle. The next step is teaching myself how to transfer the kindle version to an audible version. My plan is to figure out how to do this, on my phone, tonight, before I fall asleep. 

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