Is there too much of a good thing?

Posted by Sharon Lee on Dec 14th 2017

I am not alone, I am sure. I have more on my plate to handle in any day, but the question is, "What do I do in a day? What is my priority?" 

What is my motivation? Security? Love? Commitment? Success? All of the above.

I have been the sole proprietor of Handy Caddy since 2000. 17 years later, I still have much to learn and grow.

I have been promising myself to blog more often than I do. The intentions are there. Is anybody listening? I've decided, it doesn't really matter. I can call this a practice, to blog more often. Because I am interested in getting the best ROI, return on investment of time, space, pleasure, satisfaction.

I was looking forward to seeing my grandson this morning. At 20 months, he's a hoot! On my way, I found an antique Rocking Horse for him. He's been enjoying his cowboy hat, and when he puts it on, he yells YeeHaw! But, he's riding on an Elephant Rocker. Now that he knows his animals.. I wanted to enjoy his experience at having a real looking horse to ride. So cute! I could have stayed all morning, but I had some orders to put in order, so I ran home to get more done. Where does the time go? 

I had freak out when my daughter's financial aid package was set up to cost me $27000 for the semester. The Financial aid package had not kicked in! Payment was due in less than a week. After a few calls, arrangements were cleared and everything is all set. I won't have extra to pay after all. Big Relief. One more semester to go and I am done with that part. After that, will be the repayment plan... which will be a new part of that adventure. I know my daughter will want to help, but in my day, my parents helped me get through college. It was MUCH cheaper then, but still, I don't want to stick her with this burden from the starting gate. How does it get better than that? and What else is possible? She's just a week away from coming home from a 3 month long trip to Europe. 

I've yet to have my shower, pick up some packages at the office, drive 45 -60 min to the city to see my sweetheart! Then, we are off to a Fondue dinner party. 

Time flies! It always takes more time to get all these things done!