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Gratitude for 2020

Posted by Sharon Lee on Jan 2nd 2020

Dear Reader,

Hopefully, you enjoyed your holidays with loved ones. I am happy to say I did. I think this Christmas was the nicest and the most sane of any year that I can remember. I think we all appreciated being able to spend time together as a family. My youngest is now out of college with a full time job. My 2 older boys have jobs that they feel stable and content with, doing what they do best. I love that my 3/1/2 year old grandson is here to spoil! We all could come together on Christmas Day. I cooked our family comfort food. My mom provided our traditional Tamales and Menudo in honor of her being raised in Mexico, til she was 16. The kids love my Spaghetti and Salad, AND we found the classic Blum's Coffee Cake that use to be a San Francisco favorite in the 50's and 60's. We played Hand and Foot, a card game that we haven't played in years. We played Scrabble. So nice that my youngest nephew, who's 18 now, joined in the fun. I can relax, knowing my kids are all thriving, and my own personal relationship with my partner of just over 3 years, keeps improving! Mom is 87 and still healthy enough to take care of herself and feel independent, although, she's slowing down, I see all of my children and siblings stepping up to help her stay clear of trouble. All in all, it's been a very good 2019 and hope for the best in 2020. 

I want to count my blessings for all that I have in my life. I'm grateful to have customers who enjoy my products. I'm grateful to have love in my life. I am grateful to have creature comforts, like a warm and cozy home, good food to eat, and health all around, not just myself, but my family too. I continue to offer the best of myself to my family and my career in Handy Caddy and Irresistible Leggings. My hope is that I can connect more to the needs of the people I can serve and bring value in all the ways that will benefit to the people in my community. 

All the Best, Sharon

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