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Happy New Years! Welcome 2022

Posted by Sharon Lee on Jan 4th 2022

Wow! What a challenging year we've had in 2021. We've had to spend more time with ourselves and make the most of the time we had with those we could be connected to by many means possible. I found myself improving on my cooking skills, decluttering, reorganizing my personal items. Last year, I got Covid in August after a hot spell and being in and out of air-conditioning which challenged my immune system during a busy show. I had many of the covid symptoms one after another. Fortunately, I didn't have the worst of it. I could always breathe well. I had a lingering cough that seems to last for 2-3 months, but now, I am feeling back to my regular self. 

After taking stock of what we have been dealing with, It felt like it's time to get back to basics and really get what our priorities are. 

This is the reason I am making lots of basics and solids available in Irresistible Leggings so you can wear them every day any time, any day, any occasion! These are the most comfortable garments to wear. 

Not just basics, but I am excited to introduce you some exclusive designs I made just for you! 

Even with Omicron at our heels, I have lots of hope that I can see you in person at the upcoming shows, so you can see for yourself what I have. 

Jan 18-22 2022: Road2CA Quilt Show 

Jan 27-29 2022: Quilt Craft Sew Phoenix 

There will be shipping delays between Feb 1 -16, 2023