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Is there value in sharing my problems?

Is there value in sharing my problems?

Posted by Sharon Lee on Dec 14th 2018

Living full out at 64 means being smarter about how I live each day.

I am of service to women over 50 who wish to squeeze as much out of life as possible and feel good about it. I am more about sharing my own life hacks that embrace the most important things to me which include my loved ones.
I'm interested in what works in your life, and I am interested in the challenges you are facing.
My personal business is called Handy Caddy. I designed the Handy Caddy when I discovered my passion for quilting. With limited time to sew, I wanted my sewing experience to go smooth, so I didn't get frustrated with lost items. I designed this clear view caddy to hold all of my tools vertically, so I could see my stuff easier. I was inspired to show other crafters how the Handy Caddy could help them organize their tools like I did. I learned that I like to troubleshoot life challenges not just for me, but for others. The Handy Caddy is the metaphor of what I am. I am a transparent, who helps people organize their tools so they can use them to make what they want to make.
Even if I never sell my friends a Handy Caddy, I am still very available to help people discover how to squeeze out the best of life for themselves and pay it forward. I am alive to contribute to the world in a good way.
As I take a quick assessment of my life, I've been very lucky to have 3 great adult kids who are thriving in their lives. I have a sweet and capable daughter in law, and an almost 3 year old grandson who loves to play with me. I also have the love of my life to share the rest of my days with. It's been a grand 2 plus years! I have three passions that keep me active. I am an artist and my medium is Hair, Fabric, and design.
I am not void of problems. I have had this belief that no one really wants to hear me complain about my problems. Now, I am not so sure. Maybe there's value in sharing a problem and discussing how I have resolved it, or not. I want to ask, "Is there value to sharing my problems?" Do people really want to know what I am dealing with? I am curious.
I've decided that I am committing myself to daily shares on Facebook to see if I have a following that wants to hear more from me, or if they really don't care. If you are interested in my shares, would you kindly let me know?