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Putting a spin on Shelter at Home  to Home Retreat.

Putting a spin on Shelter at Home to Home Retreat.

Posted by Sharon Lee and Chris McKenna on Apr 3rd 2020

It's possible to turn this shelter at home into a benefit. It's easy enough for me to be consumed with the updates to the challenges of lack of income and people getting sick dangerously close to home. There are people who stuck far away from home with no resources at all. They are waiting for their next meal and some of them are sick and frail. So, I am grateful that I am so fortunate that my family and I are all safe and healthy. 

What we can do is offer good vibes into the atmosphere. You know how it is when you walked into a room where someone just had a big argument. You can just feel the tension in the air. This is evidence that you can really feel the positive or negative vibe in the room. 

I ask you to do your best to have a high vibration and uplift the energy from where ever you are. This is the very least you can do. If you can afford it, donate to those who need your help. Check on a friend. Give your good vibe and be safe. 

Here's a good article on How you can create your own mini-Retreat at home.