Powerful Multi-purpose, Full Spectrum mini task light. Maximum LED POWER LITE for Sewing Machine

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Product Overview

Meet the SewLITE™  MachineLITE™, the world's first twin tiny tough task light goes anywhere on your sewing or quilting machine. Guaranteed for Life.

Its like "candy" for your vision! Double the LED count of SewLite MT-80 plus the LED count of the SewLite MT-40. Our best brightest model. It is a "slimline minimalist" design that "oozes" quality and function in every aspect. Operation is by simple finger Touch using built-in Sensa™ electronic switch inside its Lexan® clear hard shell. No sliding/rocker switch to fail or to add bulk. A faint blue glow guides you where to touch.

Installation takes just a few minutes using included double-sided conforming removable industrial tape. Once installed, it "disappears" on your machine. You literally won't know its there as everything is kept very flush and stealthy to the machine itself – never getting in the way of your primary task of using your machine and work-space without hindrance. Our most popular universal model. Typically used for enhancing needle plus throat area on average-sized machines.

Example Install Video Link:

Latest proprietary Ceramic LEDs for the coolest operating temperature while producing near full-spectrum sunlight white hue. Excellent high definition (HD) and color contrast without the eye fatigue associated with lesser grade lower-cost LEDs.

620 TrueLumens™, 80,000 hour LEDs (4 hours/day for 55 years), Lexan® (bulletproof glass window) creates clean error-free soft wide-angle illumination. Attaches to any machine or surface. Super low profile, tiny, nearly invisible. Corded (requires an external USB power source, not included).

Corded (requires an external USB power source, not included). Powered from any commonly available Android Micro-USB power cord (aka: charging cords you already likely have around your home as spare). The light system is cleanly attached and tucked out of the way where you want to light. Simply peel - n stick. The same quality tape used in luxury European automobiles. Special round super low profile TacDots™ holds and guides power cable flat and flush to the surface, so its never in your way and barely visible.

You will need a Micro USB Android cord and USB wall plug to power this light (not included, purchased separately or using a spare).

IMPORTANT: This light does NOT plug into an Android cell phone. MT family products are safe for all mounting surfaces.

You can use your own Micro USB Android power cable or purchase one of our Power Kits (LT-PK1, LT-PK2, LT-PK3).

If using an Apple Lighting Cable or Android USB Type C cable, choose one of our cable converter adapters.

WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime for manufacturing defects only.


Patented US  D754,196

Worldwide patents pending

Designed and Assembled in the USA

Handmade item

Materials: LED

Length: 6

Height: 2

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