Purse Organizer Lightweight nylon 13 pockets

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Product Overview

Frustrated when you can't find what you want in your purse?

  • Lightweight and efficient purse organizer helps make your purse tidy and clean!
  • 6" x 10.5 snaps flat, for envelope style purses
  • Opens up 3" deep for more storage space. 
  • 10 pockets and two zippered compartments add extra storage to our purse!
  • Here's a trick that I figured out myself! Turn it inside out, so the pockets all face inside. 
  • Handles on the side make it easy to pull in and out without any fuss.
  • Just swap this from purse to purse.
  • Now all you have to do is pick your favorite color!

I've been in the quilting industry for over 20 years. What the biggest downside to getting things done and finished, is being unorganized.

Clutter is a Distraction. 

I look for all the ways to make living easier and more fun! 

I hope you love your new purse organizers, this is the perfect lightweight organizer for any bag that has only a few inside pockets. Make your purse work for you. Make any pretty purse a better purse with these purse organizers! 

Thanks for shopping at Handy Caddy and Irresistible Leggings!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review