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Irresistible Leggings by Handy Caddy

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Product Overview

Join our Irresistible Leggings VIP Membership for just $10, with your order of any regularly priced purchase of any leggings,

and receive a code to get $5 off any leggings in stock, as many as you want, as often as you want for 4 months = 120 days

When you join, you'll be texted your unique membership code that expires automatically in 120 days. 

Apply your code at checkout to get your $5 off each legging.

Only one discount code can be applied per order. (Sale leggings don't apply for the additional discount.)

You can always rejoin again as often as our membership offer continues. 


This is our first ever membership program. I hope you like it. 

You will be invited in advance to see our new styles in advance of the normal audience. 

Take advantage of our new offers. 

Bonuses will be offered with purchases. 


Cheers, Sharon Lee - owner of Handy Caddy and Irresistible Leggings


(No reviews yet) Write a Review