Angelica Block Handy Pop with Clip

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Product Overview

Angelica Block - HP0017
Handy Pops for Quilt Lovers includes wall mounting clip
BestGripandStandfor your cell phone or tablet.
It's an excellent low tech device that makes your cell phone experience even better
3M adhesivemeans you can reposition your Handy Pop to your next phone.
When you want torelaxwith your phone, your hand gets tired.
The Handy pop out grip makes iteasyto just hold your phone without grabbing it.
The tension in your hand is virtually gone.
Includes a wall mounting clipto stick on the car-dash for hands free navigating while driving
Props your phone up for Handyvideo viewing.
CustomDesigns are so reasonable, you'll be able to give them to friends as gifts, party favors, event promotions.
Market yourbrandeveryday on the device that nearly everyone on the planet has. There are7.20 Billion cell phoneson the planet.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review