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The Acrylic for the Template is now available and ready to ship.

These 3 templates can be adapted to fit a large adult or shortened to fit a smaller size for women or teens. 

The child size template fitting 6 - 10 years old is available. 

ORDER 2, (a gift for a friend who's sewing masks) and I'll manually refund you $7 to cover the extra shipping costs.

*includes grippy sandpaper stick-ons. cut 1/4" squares and place one or 2 on the acrylic to prevent the template from slipping during the cut. 

YouTube Tutorials for Olson Masks

There are many tutorials for making the Olson Masks. It's easy to get lost in the many tips on how to make the Olson Masks. 

 I've included my  own tutorials below. 

Installing Nose Bridge on Olson Mask:

Fabric saving tips with Olson style Mask Acrylic Template:

Cutting tips for Olson Mask:

Threading a bead on elastic ties for Mask Making:

Have you had enough making pleats on masks?

Hate making pleats for masks?

Ready to give up on making masks entirely?

 Tired of cutting one set at a time?

Done with the cardboard cutout that you keep slivering the edges?

Is your template shrinking?

And you’re dreading having to make another?

The acrylic template is here!

This is the Doctor recommended Olson style mask templates where you can make the masks with or without the filter pocket.

3 easy pieces.

Cuts all pieces perfectly. Match all pieces perfectly like a puzzle. Sew all pieces together with precision. Speed up the cutting part in your production and assembly line mask making. Match seams more accurately with consistent piecing. Want to make more masks faster? Without giving up all the features? Want to know how to cut the most masks from only one fat quarter? You can cut 6 layers of perfect mask template pieces with Make masks for your family and friends even if you don’t know how to sew. All instructions included. Make masks faster Olson mask with filter pocket insert acrylic template rulers 3 pieces. Instructions Video link Make masks faster

I can't say enough about using these templates for cutting. It will shave off so much time, fabric and the life of your rotary blades! It has been a joy. With this new mandate to have masks for everyone, none of us alone can keep up with the demand for masks, so I am going to roll out a few templates for the masks. coming soon! 

What I love about the templates?

  • cutting around the templates glides around the curves so easily. 
  • saves the blades from nicking the old cardboard home made templates.
  • solves the problem of using paper patterns that my blade will constantly shave off a sliver of paper and eventually shrinks my pattern. plus it's harder to steer the cutting around the curves with just the paoer pattern.
  • I can cut a stack of fabric and get a precise cut every time.
  • It's fast! I had to be so much more careful to cut around the cardboard or paper. 
  • the Template stabilizes the fabric when you cut around the edge. 
  • Saves time. Time, you can't get back. There's an urgency to get as many masks out as possible. I can't keep up with the demand. I need to spread the news that these templates are amazing! 
  • Satisfying to see a stack of mask pieces ready to sew! Oh sew satisfying. With my small rotary cutter, I've cut as many as 8. But 4-6 is preferable. Depends on how sharp your blade is. 
  • Way cheaper than using the Accuquilt Go cutter and template. The go machine cost me $250 and the Olson Die cost me $79. I can cut with the template so much faster. 
  • These templates are reasonably priced for what you are going to do with them. 
  • You will make your money back if you sell your masks for even a $1 to cover expenses in no time at all!
  • Need I say more? 
  • What would stop you from making masks in the most efficient way?
  • I hated making masks with pleats! 
Tips, Tricks and a Tutorial  on Olson Mask Templates
This might be a lot of content, but rather than try to edit this and make it pretty, I wanted to get this out asap. Anyone who’s a good editor, is welcome to assist me in making this easier to read and pass on. 
I continue to discover new ways to streamline my mask making process, and I am eager to share my discoveries with you. 
This first link is the original instructions I found online when I was researching a good mask to make. 
You can review this information. There’s written instructions with pictures and a video link too. 
I encourage you to take a quick look at all the links before you start. There’s some good ideas from all of them. I will eventually grab the special parts from each for you. 
Here’s more tips from someone who’s giving great details on what makes a mask great. In her opinion of course. I found it useful.
This link has tips also has great tips, especially for assembly line.sewing. 
My list of essential items to make your mask. 
28mm Rotary cutter best size
Fresh sharp blade optional 
Cutting mat
Olson Acrylic Templates 
Long 24 inch ruler for cutting strips. 
Lining material
Feature material
Ties - from IrresistibleLeggings, because they’re really soft! but any Legging will work fine! 
Sewing machine
I have multiple scissors for different purposes  ( optional ) 
scissors for cutting into the curves ( mine are very sharp and saved for just this purpose ) 
scissors for cutting the points on the corners longer blade 
scissors for cutting off loose threads. 
I cut all my pieces first. 
using my 28mm rotary cutter, mat and Olson Acrylic templates 
I start out by cutting an 8 inch strip for the face
5 inch strips for the mouth and cheek. 
Cut one strip for each Olson Acrylic Template piece. 
Depending on your cuts, you’ll have less of the mouth, or you can cut a different size strip to cut them vertically, rather than horizontally. Your choice. 
Videos on YouTube links here: 
I use a lining that’s reversible to keep it easy. I prefer white, in the end. It was easier to match the lining with a feature fabric and save the pretty fabrics for the outside. For the lining, if the back and front are the same, it makes it easier to flip it to the correct side, when assembling.  Of course use anything you want as the lining. Directional fabric requires more fabric to cut. 
I save the beautiful feature fabric for the outside. This maximizes the number of feature print from my favorite fabrics. 
Keep the fabric folded as it is off the bolt. Wrong sides face each other normally. This saves you from matching the pieces later on during assembly. Because you are making 2 cut from the bolt, you can flip the Template on either side, and you will still have even pieces that match. On the Face Template, note the direction of the Template to maximize the number of pieces you can cut from a strip. Remember, measure twice, cut once. You can layout your pieces like I did, before you cut, so you have a good idea of how to get as many pieces from one cut. By the way, this picture was taken when all I was using was a paper template glued on cardboard. 
refer to images on this page 
Do same for all 3 templates. 
Stack pieces in piles
Take a break...
I took a picture of a diagram of the steps I took to make my masks in assembly. I used a serger before to finish my pocket pieces. For me, I think it’s faster to just roll it over 1/4” twice and sew it down with my machine. Serging or machine sewing down is optional. The templates allows enough space to turn it down for a clean finish on both sides. Both work. 
refer to images on this page 
Prep for assembly line sewing
Get enough bobbins full before you start. 
Thread your machine correctly and test it before you start. 
Have scissors handy. 
stack your pieces in the right direction to just pull from the stack. 
For each mask, you need: 
From the lining material, 
1 cheek 
1 mouth
1 face
From feature fabric
Cut 2 for cloth that cuts a left and right side. Meaning fabric must have back or front sides together. 
The template helps you match the 2 sides correctly. Cheek part of 3  back part of pocket lining mouth front part of pocket lining face Feature and 1/2 of Lining 
Sewing down the pockets for the Filter insertion. 
From the cheek straight edge for the pocket, turn down a scant 1/4” twice and sew it down 
From the mouth straight edge for the pocket, turn down a scant 1/4” twice and sew it down
You'll have a nice finished edge for the filter to be inserted. 
Match the cheek and mouth overlapping for the pocket. Use the template to line it up correctly.
This is the trickiest part until you are familiar with the pieces.
It’s very easy to have the cheek and mouth flipped, but you’ll know if the pocket is not even and straight across. 
For the ties, 
This is what I think is the fastest and most comfortable choice. There’s elastic and cotton strips as options. But, I think they take too long and it's too tedious to make. Doctors and nurses who wear their masks full time, develop rash behind their ears if they are sensitive to latex.
 I have sacrificed a pair of leggings and rotary cut slices off the leg 3/4" or 7/8" for the ties. I get about 70 sets from one pair of Plus size leggings. T-shirts work too. 
There’s a youtube on how to cut a t-shirt continuously to turn a t-shirt into yarn.  Then cut them 8” long. These soft ties,  won’t irritate behind the ears. Some people are allergic to Latex in elastic. 
This is the info I have for you to date. I will try to update in the future with new ideas and tips. 
If you are interested, Ask me how to modify this pattern for other styles. 
A child size template available too. 
If you've made a purchase, Kindly, Please write a review online at. 
Helping sewers make more masks asap is my game plan! Thanks in advance! 
If you've read this material, and have written a review, I’ll send you 2 filters and 10 nose wires for your time. email me at with your name and when I see your review, I'll send you your filters and nose wires. 


How to wear and remove your masks properly. Offered by




Best Regards,

from Sharon at Irresistible Masks -  Handy Caddy - and Irresistible Leggings
650-483-2866 texts are welcome. 
Come back to this page and go over the tips and tricks after you received your templates if you need some help.
Please write a review to support other sewers who would like the benefit of cutting their pieces with ease, precision and speed, as you might have already discovered. Leave tips and comments if you like. I am sure they will help others who continue to improve their masks making projects. Thank you for participating in helping America stay safe.

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  • 5
    The templates for masks.

    Posted by Susan Prinslow on Dec 8th 2020

    The templates are exactly what I expected. I wish there were more sizes.

  • 5
    Templates for Olson mask

    Posted by Kathy Wilkinson on Jul 31st 2020

    So very pleased with these. I'm new to sewing so they've been a great help. SSharon was also a great help in minimizing postage costs from the US to me in the UK. I had extra charges to pay at this end anyway but the templates have paid for themselves several times over in helping me.

  • 4
    Olson style acrylic templates

    Posted by Patti Chasek on Jul 16th 2020

    Nice templates. There was one sharp edged corner that I Smoothed with an emery board. I’d definitely recommend an 18mm rotary cutter on the curves.

  • 5
    Acrylic templates

    Posted by Vanette Johnson on Jun 9th 2020

    Got mine last week ! Sturdy material, it made cutting the pattern super efficient and quick...a tad pricey but worth the investment

  • 5
    A little pricey but worth it

    Posted by Donna Austin on Jun 6th 2020

    These are very well made and thick enough that they won't chip or break if you drop them (I don't think). The color makes them easy to find if misplaced. I'm happy with my purchase.

  • 5
    Olson mask acrylic templates

    Posted by Barbara Burrs on May 27th 2020

    I was hesitant to purchase these templates, as I already have the Accuquilt Go and Olson templates. However, even though the Accuquilt is fast, don’t get me wrong, I was finding a lot of fabric waste. Not only that, but I haven’t been cutting out the tie part of the template. By hand cutting with my small rotary cutter, I get very accurate pieces with the acrylic templates and very little waste. I would definitely recommend them.

  • 5

    Posted by Patricia Johnson on May 21st 2020

    I love them. It makes cutting so much faster.

  • 5
    Olson style acrylic template pattern

    Posted by Candy on May 19th 2020

    Shipped fast, good product

  • 4
    Olson Mask Template

    Posted by Debbie s on May 17th 2020

    Love the templates. This allows me to rotary cut several layers of fabric at one time. Would have given it a 5 star if instructions were sent with it on how to sew the mask after cutting it out.