RED Copper Infused Face Mask

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Product Overview


  • Multi Ply Copper Infused Face Mask
  • Copper Infused for Anti Bacterial Properties
  • Fabulous Fit and Comfortable Wear
  • Washable and Reusable (About 10 Times)
  • Water Repellent

NOTE: Face Masks Can Be Effective To Help Protect Against Certain Airborne Dust, Allergens, Smoke, Pollution, Ash, Pollen As Well As The Spread Of Oral Liquids.

Protective masks will only help prevent and not guarantee protection from contaminants. Caution and common sense must always be used.

  • Imported (South Korea)
  • Copper has Anti-Bacterial Properties 
  • Skin Friendly Lining
  • An Easy to Wear Face Mask for General Purpose and Oral Liquid Transmission
  • Very Comfortable Elastic Supports
  • Hand Wash Preferred - Machine Washable - COLD DRY
  • 85% Polyester 7% Nylon Copper 8% Spandex
  • Can Wash up to 10 Times
  • Civilian Use - Non Medical
  • Comes factory sealed in a reusable sealed bag for portable storage
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review